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B12 is one of the eight B vitamins, also known as the energy vitamin.

One package contains 32 pcs. patches.

Мust be replaced every 48 hours.





B12 is one of the eight B vitamins, also known as the energy vitamin.

  • Helps convert carbohydrates into glucose, providing energy to the body.
  • Supports the formation of red and white blood cells and strengthens the immune system.
  • It is needed for the prevention of anemia and iron absorption.
  • Protects nerves from damage, maintains fertility and promotes normal growth and development of the body.
  • Prevents memory problems and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Balances mood and reduces depression.
  • Needed for proper digestion and absorption of food.
  • Maintains the health of the skin, hair and nails, as it plays a role in the process of cell renewal.
  • Protects against cancer of the prostate, lungs and colon.
  • It has the effect of increasing sexual desire (libido).
  • Improves sleep.
  • Supports heart health, regulates blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels.

If vitamin B12 deficiency is not detected in time, the consequences can lead to serious illness or irreversible damage to the body. The most common signs of deficiency are:

  • Constant fatigue and apathy, depression, anxiety.
  • Stress, irritability, palpitations and ringing in the ears.
  • Eye problems
  • Indigestion, weight loss, constipation.
  • Deterioration of memory and perception, poor concentration.
  • Dizziness, headache (including migraine), drowsiness, hallucinations.
  • Impaired motor skills, coordination problems.
  • Numbness and tightness in the arms and legs.
  • Feeling weak.
  • Occurrence of skin diseases.

The damage from vitamin B12 deficiency usually occurs gradually. Some symptoms begin before the depletion of vitamin B12 - mild depression, stiffness, nausea, infections and memory impairment. If B12 levels are not raised in a timely manner, these symptoms can lead to much more serious problems.

Vegetarians need extra intake of B12, as it is found exclusively in foods of animal origin. People switching to a strict vegetarian diet do not initially show signs of vitamin deficiency. In the body, B12 levels may persist for 5 years, but later these symptoms may be triggered suddenly.

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