Slim Style

These are small patches that help increase metabolism, reduce cravings for sweet, carbohydrate and unhealthy foods, help reduce food portions, which leads to weight loss.

One package contains 30 pcs. patches.

Мust be replaced every 48 hours.



What is it?

These are small patches that increase metabolism, reduce the desire for sweet and unhealthy foods help to limit food portions. This leads to natural weight reduction.

Each pack includes 30 patches that can be applied to the shoulders, back, waist or hips.

Can I use more than one patch a day to get a faster result?

Не. One More Slim Style може да се използва само веднъж на всеки 24 часа.

How long should I use One More Slim Style?

To get a certain result, you must use it for at least a month. Depending on your weight loss goal, it can be combined with a low calorie diet.


I have been trying everything for a long time: medicines, diet menu, sports, but I never manage to lose weight.

How is One More Slim Style different?

It is a powerful 100% natural helper based on the three actions - it burns quickly

fat, limits from overeating, energizes. The purpose of the patches is to make it easier to fight weight, not to replace a balanced diet and sports.

Can I use the product during menstruation?

To be able to. But if you are close to the menstrual period and have not yet started using Slim Style, wait until the end of this period.

Can I lose weight locally?

Definitely yes. This is a feature of One More Slim Style. It quickly finds fat deposits burning fat in this area.






Spirulina - green algae, superfood. Improves lipid and glucose metabolism, strengthens the immune system, lowers cholesterol. Increases physical strength and endurance.

Palmitoyl tripeptide - promotes collagen synthesis, improving the structure of the skin and prevents the formation of cellulite.

L-carnitine - improves fat burning, recharges energy, reduces the feeling of hunger, improves fat burning.

Ginger - has a purifying and diuretic effect, the process of burning acne and weight loss.

Green tea - Antioxidant, lowers cholesterol and improves metabolism.

Guarana - the strongest natural source of energy, eliminates fatigue, stimulates fat burning.

Garcinia cambogia - contributes to achieving a feeling of satiety in a natural and safe way. Reduces severe bouts of hunger and maintains normal blood sugar levels, counteracts the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.


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