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Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Magnesium, Vitamin C.

One package contains 24 pcs. patches.

Мust be replaced every 48 hours.



Vitamin D3
  • Helps the body absorb calcium
  • Maintains healthy bone growth
  • Regulates the immune, muscular and nervous systems
  • Helps reduce the risk of infectious and viral diseases
  • Reduces depression and chronic fatigue
  • Helps reduce weight - studies show that extra calcium and Vitamin D have an appetite suppressant effect
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • It is necessary for the proper course of pregnancy
Why is vitamin D3 so important?

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

  • General fatigue and weakness
  • Pain all over the body or bones
  • Balance problem and loss of strength
  • Often a headache
  • Depression
  • Constantly changing mood
  • Hair loss and brittle nails
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Sleep problems

Causes of vitamin D deficiency can be:

  • Insufficient exposure to sunlight
  • Obesity
  • Insufficient and unhealthy diet
  • Liver failure
  • Chronic renal failure
  • Genetic diseases
Vitamin K

Vitamin K is needed to build healthy bones and retain calcium in them. Protects against osteoporosis. It is needed for rapid blood clotting in injuries.

Vitamin C

It is a powerful antioxidant, extremely important for a good immune system. It is needed for the production of collagen, the healthy connective tissue that supports the skeleton, attaches muscles to bones, builds healthy blood vessels and supports organs and skin.


One of the most important minerals in the human body, it is involved in over 300 processes in the body. promotes the absorption of calcium and potassium in the body. Magnesium deficiency adversely affects the transmission of nerve and muscle impulses, causing symptoms of irritability and nervousness. Adding magnesium to the diet protects against depression, dizziness, headaches, muscle weakness, premenstrual syndrome and supports alkaline-acid balance in the body.


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